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Dr. Poorvi Bhat Khandige

Naturopathy, Nutrition

BNYS, RGUHS (Karnataka)
MSc Nutrition, Kings College (London)


The herbeshwari approach

Learn the art of eating mindfully, learn to stay healthy for a lifetime


There are no diet plans, fixed portions or fancy superfoods. My programme is based on behavioural and dietary modification based on cues provided by you. I teach my clients to reach optimum health by modifying timings, adding functional foods, and learning how to eat intuitively and mindfully


I started my career much like conventional nutritionists counting macros and making diet plans. I realised they don't equip my clients with the skills to stay healthy in the long run and wanted to find an alternate way. Diets plans are boring and monotonous and I believe your food should be diverse and in line with how you grew up eating.

There are no forbidden foods or fixed portions. We unlearn guilty and stress eating and build a better relationship with food


You will learn how to eat depending on your body type, season, mood and health condition while enjoying every single meal

the process

My programme is unique from person to person, I work with clients on a one-to-one basis with an exclusively patient-customised approach. Most clients work with me for 3-4 months

My intent is to set up a lifestyle that is so easy and sustainable that you do not need me or any other nutritionist ever again

After working together most clients do not come back to me or visit another nutritionist again because their results are maintained

The aim is for you to be know how to eat and maintain your results lifelong

About me

I am a Naturopathic physician and nutritionist by qualification. My approach is a unique blend of modern nutrition, ancient wisdom and practical day-to-day habits

I come from a family of Ayurvedic medicine makers since the 1800s. We have been growing certified organic medicinal herbs and manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines commercially for the last 25 years. Our private collection spans over 700 native medicinal plants, many of which are nearing extinction in the wild

I have spent close to a decade in this field, you can check my qualifications below. I worked in both conventional and anti-diet nutrition set ups which gave me a clear insight on what works and does not in both. This makes my system truly flexible and sustainable for clients in the long run. My unique nutrition protocol has been formulated as a process of working with 250+ clients (and counting!) 


Services Offered

Kindly email for enquires

 Mini consultation call (for flagship programme)
(Currently closed) 

This is an initial call of 25 minutes to enrol in my flagship programme. During this call we can discuss your goals and understand how we will be tailoring the programme to suit your requirements


The programme is individual specific and one-to-one. Should you decide to sign up with me after this, I will share further details post the call

As my intake of clients for full time consultation is limited, I open slots for mini consultation calls every 3-4 months. Please keep an eye on this website or my Instagram stories to know when my next opening will beThe wait time between this call and starting ranges between 3-7 weeks

Consultation fee

I charge nominally for the initial consultation call. Post that, charges vary case to case and you will be informed after the initial consultation. You may have come through a referral who was charged differently which is it is emphasised here for clarity. 


I revise the consultation fee every few months. I do not revise the fees as long as you are actively working with me, but if you take longer to confirm or take a break mid-way and wish to re-join, you will have to pay the revised fee.

One time consultation call

This is if you are unable to get a full time spot or want a taster of what working with me looks like.

Call duration: 30 minutes

What you can expect from the call:

  • A review of your medical conditions and reports

  • Detailed food and lifestyle recommendations based on our conversation

  • A tailored treatment plan will be prepared within 4-5 days of our call


Treatment plan includes:

  • Dietary suggestions - no diet plan will be prepared but you will be guided on how to eat and specific foods that may help you

  • Herbs and supplements (if required)

  • Therapeutic Yoga/meditation suggestions for your health condition  (if required)

  • Herbal packs, skincare suggestions & other naturopathy treatments  (if required)

You will have a clear idea on what you can do to get started and how you can resolve your health issues sustainably and look at long-term results. Both healthy people who want to understand their bodies better or those with medical conditions can opt for this

How to enrol?

Please mail me at and I will provide the details. Make the subject headline “ONE TIME CONSULTATION”

How is this different from herbeshwari’s flagship programme?

This is completely different and more closely resembles how consulting a regular doctor would look like. We will have the consultation and you will get health specific and customised guidelines similar to what my full time clients recieve. But our method of working is less intensive and your progress is dependent on your initiative to do the tasks given rather than me hand-holding you through the changes


King's College London


I graduated from my Master's in Nutrition with a distinction. My research work was focused on IBS and the gut-brain axis 


I am an AfN accredited nutritionist and a member of the Nutrition Society, UK

REG: 27793


RGUHS Karnataka

Naturopathy and Yogic Medicine

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Naturopathy and Yoga, with a gold medal and distinctions in all 4 years 


I am an accredited Naturopathic physician with license to practise India and the United Kingdom


I am a member of the General Naturopathic Council and ANP, UK

REG: 1091

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What my clients say:

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